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Insulation-Double Bubble (White Poly/Foil) Insulation consists of two layers of 8 mil poly bubble insulation which is then covered on one side by a reflective metalized/aluminum composition and on the other side by a sheet of UV Rated White polyethylene. It provides superior protection against radiant heat transfer and also provides an effective vapor and condensation barrier .

Building Specs.

The square posts are 5x5 placed on 10’ centers.

Bottom plate is a treated 2x6 .

The ribs are 2x4 on 27” centers.

The double top plate is a 2x8 on 30’ wide buildings and a 2x10 on 40’ wide and up.

The factory built trusses are 2x6 placed on 5’ centers.

On 30’ wide buildings there is one rat run installed.

On 40’ wide buildings there are three rat runs installed.

The trusses are rated for 90 M.P.H. wind load.

The roof purlings are 2x4 on 27” centers.

All of our buildings come with ratguard, corner, rake, fascia, and ridge cap trim. Also j-trim and overhead door trim are included when doors or windows are installed.

The metal is available in 29 or 26 gauge and comes with a lifetime paint warranty.

Windows are available in various sizes.

Our walk-in doors are 36” residential steel doors.

Our garage doors are standard doors on tracks and are also insulated. Available in many sizes.

Sheds are also available.

When a concrete floor is included it consists of a moisture barrier, 3500 psi mix with fiber added.


All buildings with a concrete slab have an inside clearance 1’ less the sidewall height.

If you purchase a 10’ tall building, the inside height from the concrete to the bottom of the truss would be 9’.

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